my businesses

My Businesses

I thrive off building things from the ground up. I get great pleasure in seeing things develop and take great pride in working so that things develop.

That being said, I also understand that the larger a company get, the less efficient they become from a staffing point and as such, each business I create is developed with one primary factor in mind… The Ringelmann effect

The Ringelmann effect occurs when individual performance begins to diminish as the size of the team increases. This phenomena can also be known as “social loafing.”

Having a bigger team means having an overly complicated system while a smaller team comes with the following set of workplace benefits:

  • It narrows the gap of bureaucracy
  • It strengthens communication among the staff
  • It encourages better and quality work
  • It creates a bridge between organization-level strategy and staffing decisions
  • It eliminates the distance between different statuses
  • It helps to treat employee’s equal importance

This is why I am building businesses a little differently than the conventional way that not only works together cohesively but also independent to one another so that those skills can be profitable by offering those services to clients.

I also build up my businesses through the following methods:

  • Based on the requirement for what I need to extend a current service or business
  • Buying out struggling businesses and utilise the resources from current services owned within the group
  • Buying part of a business where I feel we can offer substantial growth

When I launched my first business, http://www.margen.netMarGen – A Marketing & Lead Generation, I knew that for any company to thrive, you need customers and understood that this element needed to be refined so that I could find new business for any sector.

As MarGen started to grow and the requirement came to employ more staff, I started the process to launch RmtWrkrs – a staffing solution whereby businesses pay a monthly retainer to an interchangeable team in order to give them access to a range of skills that would adapt as our client’s requirements changed throughout the year.

This also allowed me to:

  • Retain the skills I needed, should there be any periods where there was less work than expected.
  • Acquire the skills I needed with a quicker ROI than conventional methods
  • Reduce the risk of downsizing during difficult periods within the financial markets

This is how I have and am continuing to develop my group of businesses and it was after I launched RmtWrkrs that MarGen Group was established.