Is B2B Cold Email Dead? (Interview With Chris McLean)

I was fortunate enough to be invited onto Chris McLean’s podcast earlier in the year.

The interview was taken back when I initially launched MarGen and focuses on lead generation and what MArGen does as a business.

Chris is a great interviewer and despite being knackered after a 7-hour drive and the time difference between Australia and the UK, it was a real pleasure to chat to him and discuss various topics around business, sales, Covid and lead generation and B2B cold email marketing

Chris is a Coach, Consultant & Podcaster. He runs Peak Performance for Agencies and has a great understanding of Flow Hacking, Intentional Mindset, Overwhelm Assassination, AntiFragility, Burnout Proofing & Circular & Regenerative Systems.

He can be found on LinkedIn – hit him up if you run an agency and struggle with any of the aforementioned.

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