Motivation is bullshit

If You Need Motivational Quotes, Entrepreneurship Isn’t For You

Entrepreneurship is not easy.

The Problem With Motivational Quotes…

Elon Musk said:

If You Need Motivational Quotes Or Words, Entrepreneurship Isn’t For You

I have to agree with this.

Now, don’t get me wrong, they certainly do have their place and can help to affirm certain views within you.

However, the reality is that if you truly need motivational videos to find fuel for your drive to get up and start competing, sacrificing whatever it takes to make your plans and goals work, then entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

Starting A Business Is Lonely As Fuck

It is one of the loneliest paths without a doubt and in this instance, yes the motivational vids plastered throughout YouTube and social media can help, for sure. But the drive needed to make something like this work must go far beyond that. The fire must already be there within and your hunger to succeed must be infinite in order to not become phased whenever things don’t go as planned.

In the beginning, I mean from ground zero, you start with nothing. Sure, you might have some funds that allow you to ditch your 9-5 or maybe you are starting something alongside your job, but you need to assign a fuck-ton of time to the cause and this can be lonely as fuck.

There is no doubt that you will be speaking with a lot of people, sure and this does help. That being said, the work involved at the beginning is a lonely process and requires a lot of alone time and this is what destroys many great people and kills many great ideas.

Add into the mix that many people you know will think you are a fucking idiot for doing something like this is incredible. Not many people will support you and you’ll find that certain people that have been around for years, need to be kept at arm’s length and you’ll need to distance yourself from any such negativity. Which in turn creates a multitude of self-questionings and a big adjustment in how you view yourself and your identity.

Your Why Has To Be More Than Money

Sure, some people do it for the money and that’s ok. However, for me, I simply had to do things on my terms and I have a real problem with taking orders. For me, I needed to be free in my decision-making and everything had to be done on my terms alone so that I could build something that I was proud of.

One of the key attributes, if you are doing it for money, is you will become extremely demotivated pretty quickly as starting something on scale takes time. So if it’s money you desire, be prepared to face a long period whereby you have to re-invest everything and understand short and long-term payoffs. By living below your means and sacrificing, in the long run, and by being smart with your time and resources, things will start to pay off.

You have to acquire so many skills to run a business right. If you are coming from the typical 9-5 whereby your role revolves around a primary function, is different to starting something from scratch as you have to learn to run every department in the beginning and managing your time, prioritising money-making tasks is key. To be an entrepreneur, you have to understand all of it in order to be successful.

Be Prepared To Wear Every Hat

Let’s run through what’s needed. You have to understand how to generate demand. You have to understand how to generate leads. You have to understand how to work leads. You have to understand how to sell. You have to understand how to fulfil, deliver, manage people, how to communicate and how to relay expectations. How to recruit. How to hire. How to interview. Depending on what you are creating, you need to learn how to copyright which in my opinion is a key asset to any business. How to market correctly. How to create content and write effectively. There are so many things that you have to learn.

Yes, motivational videos can help when you are struggling. However, the fire has to be there in order for you to navigate your time effectively and do the work that is required to make your journey a success.

The purpose here is to show you the reality that it isn’t going to be easy.

Far from it.

I’m not here to tell you everything is going to be great… because it’s not.

What I am here to tell you is that making it work is possible, providing you go in with the right reasons and have the right reasons behind your WHY!

As the business grows, you can begin outsourcing certain aspects. Either through employing others or subcontracting out to other businesses or freelancers.

Build a team of reliable people.

Over time, you become more resilient and adaptable and things start becoming easier… Trust me!

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