how to do the work regardless

How To Do The Work… Regardless!

There have been endless times when I didn’t feel like putting in the effort on the day. In the past, there have been too many times to think about when the battle was lost for getting up, having a word with myself and how to do the work regardless!

I have no shame in outlining that my past has been, well, interesting to say the least. For many years I was a dreamer on one hand, and a complete fucking idiot on the other. For a shameful and unacceptable length of time, I got relinquished doing the work and going after what I wanted simply through low self-esteem and constant repetition of self-sabotage.

The routine was all too familiar.

I had big dreams, but the cloud of pity and harsh and derogatory self-talking meant that I constantly feared success.

What if I fail? Everyone will have expected that to happen so why bother?

What if I succeed? Am I even worth it? Am I capable of it? Do I even deserve it?

Don’t get me wrong, throughout those periods I had some incredible and enjoyable career experiences. But deep down, I was determined to cause myself destruction.

Something had to change.

To begin with, I had to analyse why it was that I kept repeating the same cycle and pattern of thought. This didn’t come easy and I kept thinking to myself that once I had analysed it and worked it out, everything would be ok… WRONG!

That was only the beginning.

For a long time, I had to devour into critical thinking and analysis to become self-aware and will always be something that I need to work through. However, by practice and repetition, things started to get exciting.

I then started to set clear and meaningful goals that I need to remind myself of daily. Truth be told I don’t always and when I don’t, those are the days when I struggle the most (or through lack of sleep) to stay motivated and do the work regardless of where I am at in myself and my thinking.

One of the other struggles that I have is patience and this is extremely counter-productive. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it accelerates my productivity and puts me at peak performance. Other times, depending on where my head is at, it slows me down completely and rather than fuels the fire within, simply pisses all over it.

But this is where we come back to being self-aware and by knowing when those thoughts and habits are creeping back in.

The next thing that really helps forms under two following categories:

  • Having set routines
  • Prioritising

I’ll work backwards on the list and talk about prioritising. My big priorities for the day are as follows and each one holds the same significance as one another:

  • What tasks or actions will help or improve my family and client relations
  • Emergency tasks
  • What tasks are going to create new relations and drive more business
  • Fitness and health

Everything else can either wait or get delegated.

Discipline doesn’t just happen. You have to work for it by first, having a clear, meaningful goal. You need to understand why you are doing something in the first place and what that means to the future for you and those that are with you on your journey.

Then, you have to take action and by doing so, the routine begins to create discipline.

Another point that needs to be highlighted here is who you spend your time with. You see, you can’t be lazy when you surround yourself with people that work their asses off for what they want. Their determination rubs off of you and most certainly for men, we like to compete and seeing someone within your close circle do something great, makes you want to do it also.

And this is how you do the work regardless. To recap how to do the work regardless:

  • Have a clar and meaningful goal
  • Plan and prioritise
  • Build routines and piggyback off of habits
  • Surround yourself with people that inspire and push you to be better

Now don’t take like like I have managed to now start getting everything right. Far from it. For every win, there are endless fails and that’s OK. So long as improvements are being made, you are making progression towards something better.

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