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So welcome and let me introduce myself in the About Me section: Leeroy (LeeroyDotUK). Building MarGen Group & Documenting The Journey. Talking Business Development, Sales, Marketing, Strategy, Growth & Development

About Me - LeeroyDotUK

About Me – LeeroyDotUK: Strategy & Vision @ MarGen Group

Why I Am Documenting My Journey Of Growing (Both In Business & Personally) In Public
By LeeroyDotUK

If you are new here, then welcome. My purpose here is to help you avoid the mistakes I have (and will) made while holding myself accountable by building in public.

I have had the pleasure of being positioned in some unique jobs throughout my life.

Just before I hit 40, I lost my job.

I suddenly realised that I had made a few bad decisions that left me feeling pretty fucking low.

This was also at a time when a health setback nearly cost me my life,

I had no choice and needed to reevaluate where I was and, more importantly, where I was heading.

I decided to start afresh in every aspect of my life and pursue the ideas that had been forever floating through my brain.

Everything had to change!

Welcome to my site, where I document almost everything that I do to become a better person, father, partner and build a fleet of businesses and connections.

There are plenty of books and sites that tell you what to do.


I believe in writing your own story, and this is mine as I document my rights and wrongs throughout as I learn to mature and develop my skills and experiences while hacking the minds of others along the way.

By documenting this journey as I navigate the highs and lows, I hope there will be some value for you.

I hope you take away and utilise what I learn to better yourself, your business, and overall relationships and life.

I am neither a guru nor an expert.

I’m simply navigating my way to pursue purpose, freedom and excitement and have found that I thrive on building things from the ground up.

By signing up, you will receive weekly insights, stories, experiences and input on what I’m doing right and wrong, along with the conversations I document. I’ll also share where I’m at with my businesses and how I will scale them.

I am no expert, and I’ve fucked up a lot of things in life. My advantage, however, is drive and the necessity within to make things work to my advantage.

You see, I get fucked off knowing the time I have wasted not pursuing my goals. But when I decided to go all-in, things started to change and momentum began in the right direction.

I am nowhere near where I want to be. Nor do I think I ever will be.

But that is where the fun begins, navigating through problems and situations as you aim daily towards something better.

The thrill is in the doing and the momentum you get by moving towards something.

That is where the excitement is.

Turning up and doing the work!

Can you relate to this?

If so, enter your details and join me on the journey as I navigate shifting ideas and thoughts into tangible growth and goal implementation.

Everything is a choice.

This one is mine!

If you can relate and do subscribe, then join me on two conditions:

Pay it forward

And put in the work to better your situation.

Leeroy x

About Me – My Portfolio

MarGen Group is a portfolio of companies built around all the essential aspects of developing and scaling businesses.

  • MarGen – The Lead Generation Agency
  • Focus & Co – A Digital Marketing Agency Focused On Growing Revenue Growth Through Digital Solutions
  • RE:Staff:
  • RmtWrkrs: A Solution-Led Staffing Solution To Hire Complete Teams & Departments
  • Core CEO: An Invite-Only Mastermind Group For C-Suite Execs In The Tech & Software Industry
  • LeeroyDotUK – Business Development Consultant & Content Creator